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We are creating a new, updated website for Calvary. Visit the “Beta Version” at https://calvaryminocqua.360unite.com/home. The new web site is being added to almost daily. We plan go live later this year. Until then you can check it out as it is built. Your feedback and comments are welcome. Keep in mind that all of the information on the Beta version is tentative at this time. Until it is officially launched, this remains the place to go for the most current information about our ministry.

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Worship With Us

Alleluia! Easter has arrived once again. It is a season to celebrate and rejoice in the new life that emerges all around us and within us.

With the readings of this season of Easter we are assured that we belong. Like Thomas, in spite of his doubts, he retained his place and his calling among the twelve. We will also discover that we have our place in the sheepfold and on the vine. So over this time we are told again and again that we have a place in God’s family. We are united with Jesus which brings us security and the courage we need to act in this world.

This is the church year season when our music will reflect the joy that comes as true disciples of Jesus finally become aware that Jesus has really risen from the dead. We can rejoice together that our Redeemer lives. We also review those stories that lead to a strengthening of that realization that the women’s witness was indeed accurate. It takes a few demonstrations from Jesus before even his close followers can trust their own eyes and memories.

This business of faith does involve our remembering. We are to remember the life, death, and resurrection of our Lord. We are told this often during worship and it is indeed necessary. So worship is for hearing, for remembering, and for being inspired to go from here to share and do.

April 27 & 28
Will it be spring or something else by the 28th? We have had the springing up of spring several times already but we will have the BLESSING OF THE SEEDS on the 28th in any case. Please bring plants and seeds for blessing on that day no matter what the weather is doing. We will bless seeds for our Community Garden and say a prayer for our gardeners as well. Your own plantings can be blessed and we will request our need for adequate moisture and sunshine. We will also hear the Word which reminds us that we are the branches of the vine which need to produce fruit within our own lives.


Children Learning At Calvary: CLAC & Confirmation Classes  meet on Wednesdays, 3:45 to 5:00 pm, through the third week of May.

Sunday Zoom Bible Study April 7 & 21~~7:00 – 8:00 PM Contact the office for the link and study materials

Women’s Bible Study: The women will meet on the third Monday, at 1:00 p.m. and use the Women of the ELCA’s
Gather magazine.

Men’s Bible Discussion The men meet at 1:00 PM on Mondays. New participants are always welcome.


The Summer Camp 2024 schedule is ready!

Hot off the press is a fantastic array of faith-filled fun! Registration opens January 2. For now, dream about your favorite programs, invite your friends, and save the dates for the best summer at Fortune Lake yet! More information can be found on the FLLC bulletin board by the office. New this year: Treehouse Adventures (grades 7-12), Evergreen Camp (adults age 55+), as well as a Water Week or Nature Week focus for our classic programs. As always, all are welcome at Fortune Lake, and camperships are available for those who need financial assistance.

Calvary Lutheran Church is part of the Northern Great Lakes Synod and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America.