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Everyone wants a good deal; it makes us feel like we are good shoppers, frugal, and wise. I noticed this tendency in us at our Rummage Sale. Then there is also that other aspect in many of us; we want to be savvy business people and we like to ring out every possible dollar from those items which are proclaimed as valuable. Ultimately our goal is to provide needed housewares and clothes at a reasonable cost. A secondary objective is to pass along treasures and necessities of all kinds that are no longer needed or being used by the original owner.

We had many talented shoppers who did go home with great deals. There was a family from New Jersey that is going to be a little over-loaded in their vehicle on the way home. We also had some shrewd shoppers from Pennsylvania. Our Sale must be famous or they were just lucky to be here at the right time. Our local customers left happy with boxes and bags full of great deals.

The church itself has been created to do this, to provide everyone with a good deal. The bargain we offer weekly, and even daily, finds its source in our Lord who passes along forgiveness to usthrough His grace. It is such a wonderful exchange that our sins are wiped away and we are made new. No money changes hands for this gift is free. We need to be as excited about this message as we get about bargains at a sale. The treasures that come to us in Jesus will last forever and bring more joy than anything else we make deals for.

May you be blessed as you come to appreciate the wonders that God has set aside for you to utilize and enjoy.



Sunday Zoom Bible Study
September 10 & 24~~~~~~7:00 – 8:00 PM
We often pay less attention to the second readings in our Sunday service, since they rarely contain stories like
the Gospel and Old Testament – and those epistle writers can seem to ramble on! In our Zoom Bible study, we
take the time for a deeper look at the second readings assigned for the coming Sundays, and hopefully
enhance our understanding of how they teach and support our faith. Join us for our informal discussions as we
share our questions and insights from these lessons based on a study outline you’ll have in advance.
Contact the office for the link and study materials



Calvary Lutheran Church is part of the Northern Great Lakes Synod and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America.