Welcome to Calvary  Lutheran Church

A Note from the Pastor

November brings the church year to an end.

November has never been on my favorite month list. It can still be fall but usually the trees are bare of leaves and the days are darker and dull. There is variety during this time; I can say that for it! November can bring a blizzard of snow, ice is common, or the sun might shine and bring a few days of warmth that give a promise which will soon be taken away by rain showers and a wind that bites and goes right through you. Since I don’t hunt, there is no trip into the woods to provide anticipation and excitement.

On the church calendar, November brings the year to an end.  It also has some variety.   We begin the month with All Saints. It is a time to bring to remembrance all those made saints by the waters of Baptism. It is good to recall that cleansing, in which we share. We are made new and claimed as children of God. We particularly consider and hold dear those saints who have passed on before us seizing the promise of salvation provided by Christ.

Then, on the second Sunday of November, we highlight the mission work of the Women of the ELCA, receiving Thank-offerings to continue in support of those endeavors. We look in hope tha tall of our efforts in ministry will bear fruit and  further the vision brought by faith.

The third Sunday, this year, brings closure with Christ the King Sunday. We focus on the new kingdom where love rules and the presence of God is a constant and everywhere reality.

November also contains a secular celebration of Thanksgiving which has as its basis the Christian virtue of thanking God for the many gifts and abundance that is offered us in this life. Our expression of gratitude brings us benefits as we recognize our need for community and our dependence on our God. This is certainly a good attitude to have as we come to the start of a new liturgical year.

Advent begins on this fourth Sunday of November taking us into the gospel of Luke. We are encouraged to stay alert so we hear the promise of a new way to live as God fulfills every pledge to His people. Although there is much to fear in this life, we are provided the assurance that we can overcome fear as we place our trust in the Lord, who is our brother and savior.


Calvary Lutheran Church is part of the Northern Great Lakes Synod and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America.