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A Note from  Pastor Max

Pastor’s Keyboard’s Clicking

What does or will the New Year bring? Is it up to God or is it up to you? I suspect that you realize, as do I, that there are multiple answers to these questions. Since our God has given us free will, the ability and responsibility to make choices of our own, there is much that gets marked under YOUR column. We also have the assurance that whatever comes, our Lord will be there by our side to shoulder the burden and give us strength. You also
know there are other forces and actions beyond your own that affect your life. So what the New Year brings has a combination of sources, some of them beyond your control. What you have is the independence and accountability for your response to what this New Year brings.

We have been given access to the most applicable and righteous guidance in the example of Jesus. It is up to us to learn of Him and from Him and to evaluate and discard much of the world’s advice.
Soon we will read again of Jesus’ own baptism. With that action, He identifies fully with his brothers and sisters, walking in our shoes and humbly positioning himself as one who obeys the Father’s will. In worship, we are reminded of the deep patience that Christ reveals as he endeavors to teach his disciples and as he ministers to the crowds. So we come to see that we can surely come before him with our prayers and praise, even our frustrated complaints and fears. Jesus will certainly listen and answer our need.

What will the New Year bring? May it bring you into a closer relationship with Jesus and a steady reliance on his direction, walking in the way he leads and reflecting the Light and Love that he brings

Calvary Lutheran Church is part of the Northern Great Lakes Synod and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America.